LONDON — Britain’s government plans to renege on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement will break international law, Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis told the House of Commons on Tuesday. The Financial Times reported Monday that sections of the Internal Market Bill, due to be published on Wednesday, will replace sections ofRead More →

FILE PHOTO: Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Brandon Lewis arrives for John Hume’s funeral at St Eugene’s Cathedral in Londonderry, Northern Ireland August 5, 2020. REUTERS/Lorraine O’Sullivan LONDON (Reuters) – Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis said on Tuesday that Britain’s Internal Market Bill, which newspapers said would undermine theRead More →

Jeanette Doran RALEIGH — A North Carolina constitutional policy group has called a lawsuit filed by a teachers’ union affiliated with the state’s Opportunity scholarship program “baseless.” The NC Institute of Constitutional Law (NCICL) published a note outlining the main points of the complaint filed by the NC Association ofRead More →

Dr. Sarah Fulham-McQuillan Dr. Sarah Fulham-McQuillanassistant professor at UCD Sutherland School of Lawexamines the legal basis for mandatory vaccinations against COVID-19. Promising results from COVID-19 vaccine trials emerged last month amid growing concern that close contacts of coronavirus patients were not participating in testing. If a viable COVID-19 vaccine isRead More →

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The actions of federal law enforcement officers during protests in Oregon’s largest city, carried out without the consent of local officials, raise the prospect of a constitutional crisis — a crisis that could worsen as weeks of protests find renewed interest in clashes with camouflaged andRead More →

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – Regent University School of Law announced the opening of the Robertson Center for Constitutional Law. The Robertson Center for Constitutional Law will draw on the expertise of faculty, students, and its global network of alumni and legal experts to promote free speech, separation of powers, andRead More →

TOP LINEPresident Trump spent part of his daily White House briefing on the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic accusing Democrats of blocking his judicial nominations and threatened to adjourn both houses of Congress to make vacation nominations, referring to an executive branch that does not grant him as broad an authority asRead More →

According to studies, 1 in 3 Americans age 18 and older have a criminal record. These cases can have serious repercussions on the lives of those who have been arrested or convicted. Having a criminal record can complicate your personal, professional and family life. Criminal convictions can prevent you fromRead More →

What is international law? International law concerns relations between States and between nations. He understands: international commercial arbitration international criminal law international dispute resolution international environmental law international human rights law international humanitarian law refugee law the law of the sea. Postgraduate studies in International Law are suitable for lawyers,Read More →

US President Donald Trump’s plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict flagrantly violates international law. But it also confirms Israel’s recognition that it cannot escape all international law all the time. In particular, it demonstrates that the potential reach of the International Criminal Court (ICC) poses a threat to Israel inRead More →

Editor’s note: Iran missile attack on US base in Iraq in retaliation for Trump administration kills Iranian General Qassem Soleimani has dramatically escalated global tensions. Dozens of questions swirled around the events. Beyond the politics, international law and Middle East scholar David Mednicoff of the University of Massachusetts Amherst addressesRead More →

OPINION: Dark clouds continue to hover on the horizon. Sailors’ weather lore, “red skies in the morning, sailors (fishermen) take the warning”, resonates strongly due to China’s high-pressure drilling operations located at Vanguard Bank, inside the economic zone exclusive territory (EEZ) of Vietnam. Last month’s Center for Strategic and InternationalRead More →

Benjamin Eidelson, an expert in constitutional law and legal theory, joined the Harvard Law School faculty as an assistant professor, effective July 1. Trained in both law and philosophy, Eidelson specializes in issues at the intersection of the two disciplines. Her work explores the interplay of legal doctrines and moralRead More →

Benjamin Eidelson, an expert in constitutional law and legal theory, joined the Harvard Law School faculty as an assistant professor, effective July 1. Trained in both law and philosophy, Eidelson specializes in issues at the intersection of the two disciplines. Her work explores the interplay of legal doctrines and moralRead More →

Her list of references doesn’t mean she’s as intimidating as she looks; friendly and inviting, it’s baffling how cool Aleksandra stays when you think about the pressure she works under. Speaking to her for our Women in Law edition, we explain why criminal law is dominated by men and whyRead More →

Brae Lewis, 17, and his girlfriend, Kyesha Finemore, 15, have had a tumultuous relationship involving frequent arguments and even physical abuse. But one fateful day in May 2016, the level of violence rose to a whole new level. During an argument, Brae doused his partner with gasoline before “snapping” aRead More →

The practical importance of constitutional law is evident in media coverage of burning issues such as health care, gun control, ballot access, abortion, and same-sex marriage, all recent (and possibly future) of deliberation and binding decision by the United States Supreme Court. In the introduction to their new book, UnitedRead More →

The new Constitutional Law 3/2018, of December 5, 2018, on the Protection of Personal Data and the Guarantee of Digital Rights (“LOPDGDD” in its Spanish acronym) was published yesterday in the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE). The LOPDGDD completes the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and enshrines a new heritage ofRead More →

The representative form of American constitutional democracy is on the verge of collapse because of political corruption at the highest levels and the concurrent decline of civility and growing mob behavior. A fundamental and deep division prevents the government from repairing itself. But we the people can play a decisiveRead More →

Judge Anthony Kennedy. (Photo: Eric Thayer/Getty Images) In a move that guarantees a major political upheaval, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court on Wednesday. Kennedy, the court’s most senior member, had long been his centrist vote, siding in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage and preserving RoeRead More →

Nebraska calls him a habitual criminal. This means that if someone has served time in prison for serious crimes – the third time you are caught – prosecutors can add at least 10 years to your sentence. Currently, 182 people locked up in Nebraska prisons carry the official label ofRead More →

The Saudi-led coalition carried out 87 unlawful attacks killing nearly 1,000 civilians, according to Human Rights Watch. Saudi Arabia has violated international humanitarian law in Yemen and unjustly imprisoned activists peacefully seeking social reform, a human rights group said on Thursday. The Saudi-led military coalition that bombarded Houthi rebels inRead More →

The Spanish government considers the planned referendum on Catalan independence to be unconstitutional, but supporters of the referendum have argued that Catalonia should have the legal right to hold the vote. Domenico Giannino states that although both sides have made legal arguments, this is a situation that can only beRead More →

With much of the United States divided on various political and social issues, prospective law students may be excited about the idea of ​​defending Americans’ rights and freedoms through the practice of constitutional law. But law professors and practicing lawyers say legal jobs focused exclusively on constitutional law are extremelyRead More →

In an article recently published in the North West Law Review titled “Democratizing Criminal Law as an Abolitionist Project,” Penn Law professor Dorothy Roberts presents an alternative vision of criminal justice. According to Dorothy Roberts, an expert on race, gender and the law, making the criminal justice systemRead More →

A panel of experts at the Feb. 1 Campus Conversation event discussed the Trump administration and constitutional law. (Photo: Vibhu S. Rangavasan) Is the American Constitution equipped to prevent our democratic institutions from falling back into authoritarian institutions? Not really, said comparative constitution scholar Tom Ginsburg during a conversation eventRead More →

Why do we compare the Constitutions? Why should we? These were the questionsasked by Santiago Legarre, professor at Universidad Católica Argentina, during a conference at Harvard Law School on January 11 sponsored by HLS’s American Incorporation Company. Legarre set out to defend a natural law theory of comparative constitutional lawRead More →