CoCT says enough law enforcement officers are deployed in Nyanga to provide security

The protesting taxi drivers said they are fed up with what they claim is the mistreatment they are experiencing at the hands of the city.

Cape Town continues its operations against illegal taxi operators in Nyanga. Image posted by JP Smith on Facebook

CAPE TOWN – Cape Town said it had deployed enough law enforcement officers to ensure security was restored in several areas.

Violence has erupted in Nyanga and Hout Bay in recent days.

The protesting taxi drivers said they were fed up with what they claimed was the mistreatment they were receiving from the city.

Issues related to the lack of operating licenses are one of the main concerns raised by the taxi industry.

The taxi industry said the lack of operating licenses or permits was long-standing.

Santaco’s chairman in the province, Mandla Hermanus, said taxi operators were being targeted on the road.

“Then when they expire for a number of reasons, you find situations where over a hundred vehicles are seized within, say, two days,” Hermanus said.

But Cape Town said taxi operators were not above the law.

And Mayco’s member for safety and security, JP Smith, said attacking other motorists and destroying infrastructure was completely unwarranted.

“We had at our peak 233 employees there Thursday and Friday last week trying to keep everyone safe and escorting Golden Arrow buses,” Smith said.

Taxi drivers say having their vehicles seized puts them out of business, while the city said its traffic cops are only doing their job by issuing fines to drivers who break the law.