Louisiana Girl Traveling Across Country To Spread Love, Law Enforcement Positivity Stops In South Dakota

RAPID CITY, SD — For the past five years, 12-year-old Rosalyn Baldwin of Louisiana has made it her mission to spread love and gratitude to law enforcement across the United States. With his mother, Angie, and brother, Phillip, they crossed the country to South Dakota. After meeting with agents in Rapid City, she explained her story.

How did you start?

“I made this decision when I was six years old,” Rosalyn explained. “There was a shooting around Baton Rouge that, being a six-year-old, touched my heart. So I wanted to hand out cookies and I wanted to give hugs and hearts to the world.

At first, giving to the world was a bit too ambitious, so her mother suggested starting in their community. And that’s exactly what they did: cookies and hugs for local law enforcement.

“She came to us after having this vision that she was supposed to go out and kiss the peacemakers. And she was so determined about this vision that she knew God was calling her,” Angie said, Rosalyn’s mother.” So after a little persuasion, we went ahead and left.”

With every officer she meets, she hands them a handmade heart to show her gratitude for the work they do.

How many states have you been in so far?

“This is my 44th state,” she said.

Rosalyn was previously in Montana to meet with officers there. The family contacted Rapid City law enforcement to meet them as it was on the way to Mount Rushmore, which they wanted to visit.

What have you learned on your travels?

“I learned what police cars look like, I got to see SWAT cars – you can see these amazing things that you wouldn’t see the average person do,” she explained. “You can see the officers. You meet their families. You can also see how human they are.

Rosalyn was also able to share this experience with her brother Phillip, who also got to enjoy the various sights and activities the family saw.

“You go back in time and you see him as a little baby on a horse with the police in Dover, or in Vermont.”

What is the thing that stands out to you the most?

“I would say the ones that stood out were when I took a helicopter ride in Arizona,” she explained. “And then another time – I can’t say where I was – but I went by helicopter twice with law enforcement officers.”

How is it to go to the different states?

“It can be a bit at times, but it’s really an amazing experience. You can’t really trade something for that,” she said. “Meeting the communities on the side always gives her more opportunities and amazing people along the way.”

According to her mother, Rosalyn chooses departments in smaller towns across the states they visit, and everyone is so excited to see her and surprised by the visit.

“It’s okay if she hugs an officer, two officers at once,” Angie said. “It’s important that she loves them and reminds them of love.”

Where are you going next?

Six states currently remain in Rosalyn: California, Oregon, Alaska, Washington, Nevada and Hawaii. However, she will likely pause before completing her objective.

“I think that’s all for now,” she explained. “However, next year we will go out again and deliver that message. And hopefully we can finish by then.

To see his and his family’s progress, check out their Facebook page here. They also have a website explaining Rosalyn’s mission in more detail.