Malta hosts meeting of heads of national drug agencies

On Monday, a meeting of heads of national drug enforcement agencies began in Malta.

The meeting welcomes all heads of these agencies from all countries and is taking place this year at Dar il-Meditteran in Valletta. The meeting lasts several days and ends on Thursday.

Interior Minister Byron Camilleri and Foreign Minister Ian Borg said it was an honor for Malta to host such an important meeting.

Minister Borg stressed that the fact that the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has chosen Malta for the meeting shows Malta’s commitment to continue the fight against drug trafficking.

He said that Malta believed in a multilateral approach in order to address international challenges, particularly with regard to organized crime.

“No country can continue this fight alone. There is a need to strengthen collaboration between agencies from different countries. Malta is honored to continue to bring all countries together,” he said.

Borg said that through Malta’s seat on the UN Security Council, the country will continue to advance the agenda of peace and sustainability on an international basis.

Minister Byron Camilleri said Malta continues to control drug trafficking to break the criminal circles that push these illegal substances, while finding solutions for those who unfortunately continue to use drugs.

Camilleri praised the police in the fight against drugs and said that so far this year there was a record for cocaine confiscation by the police.