Open Forum: Conservatives value ‘freedom, democracy and constitutional law’ | Winchester Star

My best judgment about some editorial page writers includes a strong urge to ignore some. That seemed to be the case with an open forum on Friday, September 2, “Democrats for Democracy, Republicans for Themselves,” but a look at the second paragraph convinced me that this opinion deserved a response. That second paragraph asked the question, “How many times in the past six years have you shook your head about what you saw or heard on the news and thought (or said): ‘I don’t believe it. ?”

What a great lead on exposing some of the political madness of the past 18 months that has many freedom-loving Americans like me shaking their heads in disbelief. The fact remains that conservatives have always stood for freedom, democracy and constitutional law in America while the radical left seems to be headed in another direction. With that thought in mind, here are some of the amazing things, if words allow, that I have seen in recent years:

Protests and riots in cities across America in the summer of 2020 following the death of George Floyd. Fires, looting, destruction of property and unrest have been the norm throughout this summer. Considered the costliest civil unrest in US history, losses were estimated at $2 billion and at least 25 Americans were killed. I watched the news reports in complete disbelief.

Conditions on our southern border deteriorated significantly after Joe Biden was sworn in and have only gotten worse since. He gave up functional elements of U.S. border sovereignty in his second week in office and never looked back. Migrant encounters were around two million in 2021 and are expected to exceed two million in 2022. Sex trafficking, drug-related deaths from fentanyl, immigrant deaths and citizen unrest continue. Incredible too!

Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan about a year ago could top the list of foreign policy failures. With this decision, 13 servicemen died and at least 600 Americans were left behind. Billions of US military hardware remained in Afghanistan, and after 20 years of fighting, the Taliban returned to power. Shake your head for sure!

The FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach home on August 8 was another unprecedented and unbelievable event that some would have you believe are classified documents that Mr. Trump took when he left the White House, as so many presidents do. Incredible litigation continues.

Joe Biden’s dictator-inspired speech at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on September 1 was another case of incredible rhetoric that challenges presidential status. With a blood-red background and words like extremism, MAGA Republicans and semi-fascists to label Trump voters, his speech, which should have been about democracy and independence, was political from the start.

Word count denies fuller coverage of the goofy rants I hear from the left so I’ll only mention a few others like critical race theory, police defunding, no cash bail, identity gender, correct use of pronouns, drag shows for children and sex education for first graders. It is, indeed, amazing!

Leroy Donald is a resident of Stephens City.