The PN wants the armed forces to participate more actively in maintaining order

Security in Malta is under threat as every day there is a new story showing the country’s security is compromised, said PN Home Affairs spokesman Joe Giglio.

In a statement, Giglio said the PN will continue to insist on security measures and put forward six proposals.

Giglio said that the police force must be strengthened by improving the working conditions of officers, so that they are truly effective in the fight against crime.

“We have a demotivated, overworked, overwhelmed and underpaid police force. We can’t go on like this,” Giglio said.

The second proposal is that foreigners who break the laws of the country should be expelled immediately and not allowed to return to Malta. Giglio said Identity Malta was sleeping on this.

The PN also proposed to strengthen law enforcement agencies.

The PN also suggests that “we begin to look at how the military can begin to participate more actively in law enforcement.”

Another proposal is that “our courts be given the resources to do the work, including rewriting the Criminal Code so that it begins to make sense today. We still have a procedure that was written in 1854”.

The PN also wants an end to the procedure according to which “any person being employed by the government, and then wanting to bring in foreign workers without even knowing their background”, ceases.