44% of criminal lawmakers will vote in presidential elections: ADR

LUCKNOW: In a shocking revelation, it has been found that nearly 44% of MPs/MPs who will vote for the upcoming presidential election have declared criminal charges against them.

In an analysis report published on Tuesday by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), a total of 4,72,477 votes (44%) out of 10,74,364 votes analyzed are MPs/deputies who declared criminal cases against them themselves.

The ADR and National Election Watch analyzed 4,759 of 4,809 affidavits from all MPs and sitting MPs.

It comprises 768 out of 776 affidavits of MPs and 3,991 out of 4,033 MPs from all states of India.

They collectively form the Electoral College, which will vote in the July 18 presidential election to elect the new President of India.

Nearly 236 (44%) out of 542 Lok Sabha MPs, 71 (31%) out of 226 Rajya Sabha MPs and 1,723 (43%) out of 3,991 MPs (all State Assemblies/UTs) analyzed said criminal proceedings against themselves.

Of the 4,759 MPs/MPs analyzed, 1,316 (28%) members declared serious criminal charges against themselves in an affidavit filed with the ECI prior to their last election.

About 157 (29%) of the 542 Lok Sabha MPs, 37 (16%) of the 226 Rajya Sabha MPs and 1,122 (28% of the 3,991 MPs (all State Assemblies/UTs) analyzed reported criminal charges serious against themselves.

The report further states that 3,843 (81%) of the 4,759 MPs/MPs analyzed are crorepatis according to their sworn affidavits submitted to the ECI at the time of nomination to stand for election.

About 477 (88%) of the 542 Lok Sabha MPs, 197 (87%) of the 226 Rajya Sabha MPs, and 3,161 (79%) of the 3,991 MPs (all State Assemblies/UTs) analyzed are crorepatis.

Meanwhile, out of a total of 4,759 MPs/deputies who are eligible to vote in the upcoming presidential election, only 477 (10%) are women.

Based on the number of votes MPs/MPs are entitled to cast, 1,30,304 (13%) out of 10,74,364 are female votes.

Among MPs, Lok Sabha has 56,700 (15%) votes out of 3,79,400 of 81 women parliamentarians and Rajya Sabha has 21,700 (14%) out of 1,58,200 analyzed votes of 31 women. deputies.

Among state assemblies, Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of female votes with 9,776 votes out of 83,824 (47 out of 403 MPs), followed by West Bengal with 6,191 votes out of 44,394 (41 out of 294 MPs) . ) and Bihar with 4,498 votes out of 41,693 (26 out of 241 MPs).