Bakersfield law enforcement are conducting a rail security operation

Sept. 20 – Bakersfield law enforcement officers took part on Tuesday in what they described as the largest law enforcement campaign in the United States, which aims to stem deaths and robberies on railroads.

Officers from the Bakersfield Police Department, California Highway Patrol, Union Pacific Police Department and Amtrak Police Department deployed to more than 100 Kern County crossings to provide safety tips safety to residents and apprehend any criminal breaking the laws around the tracks.

Bakersfield CHP spokesman Robert Rodriguez said one of the most common dangerous and illegal behaviors seen by CHP officers is residents trying to beat up a locomotive rolling down the tracks.

They do not see the train and try to circumvent the railings when the train, weighing several tons, sinks into them. Every three hours in America, a person or vehicle is struck by a train, according to Operation Livesafer, Inc., a nonprofit organization specializing in rail safety education.

“You’re not going to win against a train,” Rodriguez said. “So please be very careful.”

Those deaths have involved individuals or their entire families, Rodriguez said. A locomotive typically takes several miles to come to a complete stop, he noted.

Pedestrians are also prohibited from crossing tracks when guardrails are down and lights are flashing to warn of an approaching locomotive.

Rodriguez also said officers are aware of thieves stealing items from stopped trains. It is also a crime to throw objects at a train with the intention of destroying it or injuring someone. It is also an offense to throw objects at a train, and it is trespassing to walk on the tracks as the tracks are considered private property.

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