After allowing majoritarianism to subvert the country’s criminal law, Hindu-majority India is cursed to live with the rule of medieval Hinduism. By Hem Raj Jain

There is no respite from the established rule of medieval Hinduism than religious freedom in India, especially the “right to conversion by free choice”.

Prime Minister Modi (after meeting of some opposition political parties, leaders of JDU, RJD and TRS in Bihar) is especially worried after Bihar CM Nitish left government with BJP in Bihar and become more and more the poster child of the opposition hence Modi on August 1 in Kerala said that -“[ I had said from the Red Fort on 15 August that the time has come to fight decisively against corruption. However, what we see is that as we take action against the corrupt persons, there has emerged a new polarization in national politics]as reported at

India’s Mandal (reservation) caste political parties teamed up with former Prime Minister Vice President Singh before the 1989 elections and removed Congress / Rajiv Gandhi from power and now Mandal caste political parties s unite to remove BJP/Modi from power (in 2024 election), which is very possible (this time the situation is more threatening for the incumbent government due to disgruntled Muslims, against the Modi government, who represent about 15% of the Indian population)

But the opposition grossly underestimates the strengths of Hindutva. When the Indian government released the report that India’s first quarter GDP grew by 13.5%, Hindutva forces can still say that at a time when, after the Corona troubles, the he Indian economy is recovering at a very rapid speed. [the Congress by ‘Bharat jodo yatra’ (connect India march) from September 7 and the Mandal castes which are  trying to bring corrupt political parties together] they are all not only trying to stop India’s rapid economic progress under the Modi government, but also trying to bring anarchy to India.

In such a situation, the Modi government led by Hindutva forces can easily end the democracy of India as apprehended by the opposition (a peasant leader as well), as discussed in the media during a debate at . This suppression of democracy is very easy for Hindutva forces by adopting the Chinese model by replacing ‘Communist Party of China’ with RSS and declaring India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ (which will bring further support to BJP/RSS/Hindutva forces by communal elements of India which is substantial despite propaganda to the contrary from the tiny liberal element in India).

This will be a huge victory for China in the Cold War – II of “liberal western democracy” against “authoritarian Chinese democracy”. Not only will this please China, but China could also work clandestinely for it. This will have the potential to resolve all of India’s border issues with China and Pakistan (already under huge Chinese influence) and which will give additional legitimacy to such a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. If some people think that the people of India will not allow the withdrawal of democracy from India or the imposition of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in India, then they don’t know anything about India [because the people of India have never realized that free mind is necessary for the progress of modern technology & sciences (including and especially social science) and which is possible only in secular democracy]

When Hindu-majority India had allowed the subversion of the rule of law in the Babri-masjid case since the late 1980s, they would not have thought it paved the way for medieval Hinduism (through Hindutva forces of RSS, VHP, etc.) power by installing its proxy the BJP in power by flouting India’s criminal law. Opposition parties should know that once a religion acquires political power, it never gives it up easily and peacefully (the example of Europe from the 16th to the 18th century is instructive where it took a hundred years of religious wars to get rid of the authority of religion and Iran is no different). Therefore, if the opposition party of India thinks that medieval Hinduism can be ousted from power simply by votes in elections, then they are living in a rather irresponsible (to criminal law) fantasy world. India’s Hindu majority is now cursed to live with the rule of medieval Hinduism. .

Such dire situation can also be averted if the GOP of India (the Congress party which is present all over India) wakes up as mentioned in But the Congress leadership seems neither interested nor up to the task.

If such a tragedy (India’s loss of democracy and secularism) occurs, history is bound to write that the simple reason for such an avoidable tragedy was the fact that despite the United Nations ICCPR sponsored by the United States, the United States could not guarantee the right to freedom of religion (by conversion by free choice) in the Indian subcontinent (in the said mini-SAARC – 2 region).