Albany Law School professor available to speak on international law issues related to Afghanistan pullout

Dr. Alexandra R. Harrington – Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Global Governance and Emerging Law and Research Director of the Center for International Sustainable Development Law – is available to speak on the continued withdrawal of U.S. and international forces from Afghanistan and the ramifications on country and region.

While it is easy to assign responsibility for the situation, it ignores the complexities that the situation exposes from the perspective of international law and the expectations of citizens and countries.

“The situation unfolding in Afghanistan represents a system of overlapping legal, political and societal issues that operate in tension with each other and with the humanitarian expectations of citizens around the world,” Harrington said. “It also illustrates the delicate balance between respect for the sovereignty of countries, human rights law and military strategy that is at the heart of many tensions in international law.”

Harrington teaches public international law, international organizations, and freshman seminars on Indigenous and Indigenous law and intergenerational and intragenerational equity and justice at Albany Law School.

Harrington is available for comment at any time of the day by phone or email (contact for number and addresses).

Biography of Professor Harrington.