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03rd of August 2022, the Nicosia Criminal Court handed down concurrent prison sentences, of a maximum of 9 years, to a defendant who, after a hearing, was found guilty of all 7 charges relating to crimes of child sexual abuse that occurred between September 2019 and March 2020.

The criminal court thus issued an order for the defendant to be referred to the Supervisory Authority. Persons who have been convicted of sexual offenses against minors are referred to the Supervisory Authority and the purpose of the Authority is to assess the convicted and reintegrate them into society. Following this, an order was issued by the Court, prohibiting the accused from working in places where children are present or frequented, for a period of ten (10) years from the date of his release from prison. .

Finding all of the Crown’s witnesses to be credible, the Court, in its multi-page decision, stated, inter alia, that the growing trend of committing offenses of this nature is not only recognized by the case law, but actually results from the volume of cases brought before the courts on a daily basis. This harsh reality requires the imposition of deterrent sentences and makes it imperative to deal strictly with offenders. Deterrence has two dimensions, preventing the offender himself from repeating the crime in the future and preventing others from committing the same or similar crimes.

It should be noted that the procedure took place behind closed doors, due to the nature and age of the victim.

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