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“We the People” will promote fair and equitable discussion of constitutional law through articles on current topics written by those who have earned or are working toward their law degree.

Elon Law students are working to advance legal education and scholarship through a new online constitutional law journal.

Led by First Editor-in-Chief Esther Bouquet L’23, Elon Law’s We the People – Constitutional Law Journal aspires to promote the contribution of intelligent discussion and analysis of the U.S. Constitution and issues related to constitutional law .

Plans for another student-run journal, in addition to the Elon Law Review, have been underway for nearly two years. Elon Law administrators were first approached about the possibility of a new journal in early 2021 by a team of Leadership Fellows working on a capstone project.

Efforts continued in 2022 with Advocacy Fellow Madeline L. Kellas L’22, now We the People’s Inaugural Editor-in-Chief, and Leadership Fellow Emily Erikson L’22 spearheading the project.

“A lot of students crave a newspaper experience,” Kellas said. “They know it can improve their research and writing skills, as well as provide them with a more comprehensive legal education.”

Providing a space for healthy dialogue on timely legal matters is also something that Kellas says the company lacks. “The journal is meant to promote discussion, not a philosophy or a political agenda,” she said. “Healthy discussion of controversial issues is virtually non-existent in society and the legal field today.”

The first issue of We the People is scheduled for December. Although not the first constitutional law journal created by an American law school, We the People is considered unique because of its broad reach and online platform.

While other constitutional law journals tend to focus on particular amendments, legal concepts, or themes, Kellas said We the People is not limited to a certain sphere or sub-practice of constitutional law.

Article submissions are now being accepted for review at [email protected] or via We are the profile of Popular Scholasticism. Submissions are open to those who already hold a juris doctor degree or those who are working towards one.

Writing the Inaugural Issue of Elon Law’s We the People – Constitutional Law Journal

Chief Editor
Esther Bouquet

Chief Editor
Madeline L.Kellas

Enterprise Editor
Elliott Millner

Ratings and comments editors
Cynthia Hager
Alexandra Buxbaum
David Belisle
Francine Nebel

Article editor
Kaylee Faw
Daphne Meyers
Alexis Holloway
Simi Patel
lauren jones

Membership Editor
Daja Burgee

online editor
Ashyra Corpening

General Staff
Alyssa Harris
Jennifer Weigle

Faculty Advisors
Professor David S. Levine
Professor Scott Gaylord