Democrats and Joe Biden’s adviser urge UK to uphold international law – POLITICO

An adviser to presidential candidate Joe Biden and senior Democrats warned on Tuesday night that Britain must uphold international law around the Northern Ireland border to protect the Good Friday Agreement.

Their statements followed the UK’s announcement that it would break international law and change parts of its Withdrawal Agreement with the EU over Northern Ireland. The treaty sets out the terms for Britain’s exit from the EU and was agreed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the EU last year. The UK government will propose changes via national legislation, via its Internal Market Bill which will be published later today.

“I urge both parties to abide by the terms of this joint agreement, particularly in relation to the treatment of Northern Ireland, in accordance with international law,” said Democrat Richard Neal, chairman of the Pathways Committee. and means of the House of Representatives. in a report.

Neal said he hoped “the UK government upholds the rule of law and upholds the commitments it made during the Brexit negotiations, particularly in relation to the Irish border protocols”. A protocol in the treaty prevents a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland under the Good Friday Agreement that ended decades of political violence.

“As the UK and EU shape their relationship, any arrangement must protect the Good Friday Agreement and prevent the return of a hard border,” tweeted Antony Blinkensenior foreign policy adviser for the Biden campaign, noting that “Joe Biden is committed to preserving the hard-won peace and stability in Northern Ireland.”