“Falls” lit blue to honor local law enforcement

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) – The falls were lit blue Saturday night to honor the men and women who serve in law enforcement.

The lighting was part of the third annual Faith and Blue weekend.

Idaho Chaplins Executive Director Christa Trinchera said the local event called “Bless the Badge” is a way for the community to add another level of support for our local heroes.

“It’s a way for our community to say, we see you. Not only do we see you, but we support you. And for those in the faith community, an opportunity to prepare is the protection of our forces from the order, both physically, mentally and spiritually.”

“As chaplains, we are here to uplift our heroes. We are here to be the shoulder, to cry when they need support. We are here for them and at the scene and after the incident to provide them with support and take care of them.And we are also there for the community.So we are sent by our law enforcement members to provide support to the community when times of crisis strike and they need of support and resources,” Trinchera said.

Idaho Falls Mayor Rebecca Casper said she was grateful to the officers.

“Every day, putting on a uniform because only the Lord knows what will happen is not an easy thing to do. And it’s fueled by something I’m grateful for, which is courage.”

Sheriff badges, swat badges and patrol badges were placed on a blue pillow with an electric blue candle illuminating them as the blessing was given.

Idaho Falls Police Chief Bryce Johnson said the event was humbling for many law enforcement personnel. “We are so grateful for that. Were you surprised by the turnout tonight? I mean, I know this community is very supportive of our boys in blue, but I can’t imagine seeing how many people came for the first year alone was kind of touching,” Johnson said. “I was thinking about 10 or 15 people, a few Idaho Falls police officers, a few Bonneville County sheriff’s deputies, a few chaplains. And I probably should have arrived earlier to sit closer, it was pretty crowded. Yeah, so it’s overwhelming to see.”

Ty Orr is the Senior Pastor of Water Springs Church. He said praying in a group like the one at the event is always powerful. “It’s great to pray with a group of people and it’s great to see all the community officers come here. But again, it’s an honor to serve them.”

Orr says his role in blessing the badge was humbling and an honor to play for him. “I know many of these men and women who serve and serve our community alongside them, and it was an honor to see them take down flooring and put it down. It was a great community. And then to be able to pray over those here and praying a blessing as they do well was a humble right,” Orr said. “In reality, just saying a blessing is not easy, but saying a blessing, a prayer over something reminds us that it there is an Almighty God, who oversees the affairs of man, and he has given authority to the men and women who wear the badge to keep the peace in our community and to do what is right.”

The Bless the Badge event hopes to return next year.

The Idaho Chaplins, Pastor Orr, and local law enforcement say the number one thing the community can do throughout the year is let our local officers know they are appreciated for the work they do.