Georgian justice minister discusses criminal law cooperation and electronic communication at EU ministerial meeting

Georgian Minister of Justice Rati Bregadze discussed cooperation in the field of criminal law and digital exchange of information during a ministerial meeting of Ministers of Justice of European Union member states in alongside his Ukrainian and Moldovan counterparts on Tuesday in Prague.

Bregadze highlighted the “good experience” of cooperation with EU member states in the field of criminal law and noted that the format of cooperation included both bilateral relations and active participation in joint activities against crime, as organized within the framework of the EU Criminal Justice Agency. Cooperation, said the Department of Justice.

The minister noted that Georgia would “actively” participate in the initiative to implement electronic cooperation if EU member states express interest, and added that the country already has experience in the field. through its use of electronic signature and digital document exchange platforms “for years”.

Bregadze also said that the efficiency and strengthening of electronic services has become “even more relevant” in light of the ongoing war in Ukraine, which has shown the importance of creating “additional tools” for communications and services. electronic services with non-EU countries.