Governor Abbott’s $355 Million Grants to Law Enforcement Agencies to Be Funded with Federal Funds | Victor

The $355 million in grants to law enforcement agencies announced by Governor Abbott were made possible with federal funding and a few state dollars.

The grant awards totaling $355 million to various law enforcement agencies, announced by Governor Greg Abbott, were made possible through a combination of federal government funds and some state funds.

The grant aims to provide additional support to organizations and agencies working around the clock to secure justice for victims of crime and prevent human trafficking.

In a press releaseGovernor Abbott said:

Texas continues to work to improve and strengthen the safety of our communities through comprehensive programs and services that help keep Texans safe.”

According to the press release, accolades were given for developing body armor, analyzing forensic evidence, and investigating and prosecuting human trafficking cases.

Additionally, Governor Abbott mentioned that working with his Public Safety Office can result in a safer future for all Texans.

Governor Abbott only disclosed in the official statement on the state website and not in his tweet about where the money he would use was coming from, and some people on social media had to remind to thank Potus for that.

Like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, people have continued to say that some of these Republican leaders admire one aspect of President Joe Biden: his portfolio.

Some people like to say that it’s not noble for Republicans to take credit for something they continually vote against, and that it makes no sense to want to omit that information from their social media posts.

A Democratic user said any state that accepts and uses federal government funds should thank whoever the president is.