King Charles hires constitutional law expert as deputy private secretary

King Charles has hired a constitutional law expert as deputy private secretary as he prepares to downsize the monarchy.

Dr John Sorabji, professor of law at University College London (UCL) and former lawyer at Nine St John Street Chambers, has been recruited by Buckingham Palace to strengthen the team of the new monarch.

It will play a supporting role King’s longtime private secretary, Sir Clive Aldertonwho has worked in the royal household since 2015.

A royal source has described Dr Sorabji as a ‘good man’ and ‘super smart’, saying he would be helped “build and strengthen” the court of Charles III.

Make the monarchy profitable

The appointment of such an erudite professor of law will lend weight to the theory that the King not only plans to make the monarchy more profitablebut also to increase the transparency of the institution since it getting ready for next year’s coronation.

Dr Sorabji’s legal expertise will no doubt also prove useful when it comes to managing publication of the Duke of Sussex’s forthcoming memoirs – and other potentially incendiary matters involving Harry and Meghan.

Described by his former practices as an expert in data protection, constitutional and procedural law, Dr Sorabji was called to the bar in 2001 after graduating from Oxford and earning a master’s degree in law from UCL before returning to Oxford to complete his doctorate.

Last year he was appointed legal adviser to the independent review of the Human Rights Act.