‘Law Enforcement Officer’ Herschel Walker Responds to Fake Newscaster’s Call to ‘Report a Crime’

During the show, James Smartwood, the show’s fake cartoon host (voiced by creator RJ Fried), announced that his car had been broken into the previous night and his laptop had been stolen, he therefore had to call “the police”.

Smartwood makes the call and a man who has the same voice as Walker answers. Smartwood says, “Mr. Walker, this is James Smartwood from Big News. Do you have a second to chat?

Walker asks which outlet he’s from, and Smartwood simply says “Big News”, which seems to calm the contestant down.

Basically what I wanted to do is I wanted to report a crime,” he tells Walker. “I left my window down in my car last night, someone stole my laptop from the passenger seat, and so I’m just trying to figure out if there’s a way in your – as a person law enforcement – if there is any way you can take a look.

Walker, seemingly happy to be on call around the clock for mock petty crime investigations, responds with, “Well, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do is we’ll report your stuff, and everything. this and all that. It will be great. What we’re gonna do is you got a number I can call? Walker appears to be writing down Smartwood’s phone number as the cartoon host asks him about getting “fingerprints” and “checking security cameras.”

“The main thing, though, is that I want access to this laptop. Is there any chance you could jump in the police car, you know, turn on the sirens, come over here or, maybe, go undercover or something?” Smartwood asks Walker. Walker responds, as usual, to a question with a question: Uh, what can you do, can you do something? »

Smartwood says, “No, I mean, I’m not, I’m not really – I don’t have the authority.” Walker claims he will call him back. Smartwood says, “I gave him the wrong number, I don’t want him to have my number.”

From The Daily Beast, Paramount and Fried confirmed that the man on the phone was actually Walker. “It really is Herschel Walker,” Fried wrote to the outlet. “I’ll ask James Smartwood, but I’m pretty sure Smartwood just dialed 9-1-1, and that’s who picked up.”

Walker continued to defend his fake badge, telling NBC News two days after the debate, “It’s a legit badge. I wear it with me all the time. It’s a real badge. It’s not a fake. badge.

Walker added that he had “badges everywhere, all over Georgia” and pulled out what he called an “honorary” sheriff’s badge. “If something happens in this county, I have the right to work with the police to get things done,” Walker added. “People don’t know I’ve worked with law enforcement for years.”

Walker even began campaigning with sheriffs all over Georgia and, according to NPR, recently ordered 1,000 imitation badges to begin distributing them at campaign stops.