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Callaway County Sheriff Clay Chism

Callaway County Sheriff Clay Chism was formally charged with drunk driving and resisting arrest last week after he was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence in Moberly, Missouri, on last month.

KOMU reported that Moberly police were called to an Arby on October 6, responding to a call that a person driving a Ford F-150 had crashed into a concrete barrier in the drive-thru of the restaurant in fast food.

The driver turned out to be Chism. When Moberly officers arrived, he was sleeping in his vehicle.

Police found an open container of Mike’s Harder product along with a puddle of vomit in the truck, KOMU reported. Chism refused a breathalyzer and blood test.

The resistance charge stems from the fact that Chism allegedly did not comply with officers’ requests to exit the truck and had to be “forced out.”

Prosecutors announced the two misdemeanor charges on Thursday.

Moberly is approximately 40 miles northwest of Callaway County.

Chism is the latest in a relatively long line of senior Missouri law enforcement officials who have had run-ins with authorities.

Sunset Hills Police Chief Stephen Dodge was arrested in June in the Lake of the Ozarks on suspicion of boating while intoxicated. He had not turned on the appropriate navigation lights at the time. Police say Dodge refused a breathalyzer test at the scene, but Dodge’s attorney, Travis Noble, told KSDK that Dodge was not intoxicated at the time of his arrest and was not was perhaps not seen offering a breathalyzer. The case was dismissed without prejudice on July 1.

In July, St. Charles County District Attorney Tim Lohmar was arrested for suspected drunk driving near Lake of the Ozarks.

Then, about two weeks after Lohmar’s arrest, the Post-shipment released body camera footage of Hazelwood Police Chief Gregg Hall, arrested for suspected drunk driving in O’Fallon. This incident happened in May.

“Head of Hazelwood, he’s intoxicated right now,” an officer can be heard saying in the video.

Driving or boating under the influence isn’t the only reason law enforcement has come up against themselves.

In early October, federal prosecutors in Cape Girardeau released charges against Woodrow Massa, a former Piedmont Police Department officer who allegedly arrested and detained two people “despite the absence of a warrant or probable cause.”

Massa ran for Wayne County Sheriff in 2020, losing by just 68 votes. Wayne County is located in the Ozark foothills of southeastern Missouri.

About 90 miles north of St. Louis, Louisiana, Missouri, Police Chief William Jones and his girlfriend were arrested in October on drug charges after two people overdosed at Jones’ home. One of the men died, the other was resurrected with Narcan.

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