My Book Simplifies Criminal Law in Nigeria —Awotoye

Tobilola Awotoye, a lawyer and senior lecturer at the Faculty of Law at Lead City University in Ibadan, explained why he wrote his book, “Introduction to Criminal Law in Nigeria”.

Awotoye, who holds a bachelor’s degree in law and public administration and a master’s degree in criminal law, at the public presentation of the book recently in Ibadan, said that the idea to write the book came during a class while trying to break down some legal concepts. to his student.

“I found that most textbooks on this subject are a bit technical for the average law student,” he said.

He said the 380-page book – with 15 chapters and two appendices – can also be a quick reference guide to the bar and bench, as it is appended with a glossary of terms with authorities for easy access.

He acknowledged that the book is not perfect, adding that he takes full responsibility for any errors or errors found in the book’s structure or body.

While praising the author for writing the book, Dr. Damilola Adeyemo said the book was not only relevant and well-researched, but also contained recent cases and judgments.

The reviewer of the book, Mr. Osas Justy Erhabor, pointed out that a law book is not something that is written by inspiration.

He added that the difficult nature of writing a law book is that the law is dynamic; that as an author completes a chapter, the law may have changed; that the law is not certain, because different lawyers may have different interpretations of a sentence.

However, he added that scholarly authors are always ahead of lawyers and judges because they are the ones who look at judgments, dissect and critique them, and explain how the law should be.

Erhabor, while praising Awotoye for writing the book, noted that the cover of the book is simple and the content is easy to understand by lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

“It’s a book that everyone should read,” he said, “books are part of the legacies that we leave behind and live on forever. Solutions will be found by reading this book.

The book launch was managed by Kunle Adeniyi, who was represented by Professor Wasiu Babalola.

The author’s family, friends, teachers, colleagues and students praised and praised him for the book.


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