The UK is set to enact a new criminal law that will make extremely offensive public behavior illegal

The Victorian parliament will be presented with a new offense that makes extremely offensive public behavior illegal.

The bill was created in response to the Melbourne East Freeway crash in April 2020 which killed four police officers.

While filming the officers who died after the collision, Porsche driver Richard Pusey admitted to violating good morals.
The offense of engaging in conduct that is seriously offensive to community standards of behavior will replace the charge of outrages upon public decency.

According to a statement from the Victorian government, the outgoing offense in the deadly case is outdated, vague in scope and has no clearly defined maximum penalty.

The new charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

The accused – or any reasonable person – must be aware that their conduct is obviously offensive for the offense to apply to conduct occurring in a setting where it can be seen or heard in public.

Intoxication and the use of vulgar or indecent language are not considered part of the offence.

In a statement on Wednesday, Attorney General Jaclyn Symes said: ‘As times change, our laws must change with them to keep up with what Victorians expect from their justice system.

“While the use of this new offense is likely to be low, it is important that it be clear and modernized.”

The amended bill, which will be presented to the Victorian parliament on Wednesday, will also delay the decriminalization of public drunkenness until November 2023.

This will give the government more time to test and assess the health-based response, according to Ms Symes.

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