Visible law enforcement presence leads to hundreds of arrests in the CBD

Nearly 200 arrests have been made in the last quarter after Cape Town law enforcement made their presence known in the CBD.

Between July and September, a dedicated team of 100 officers made 185 arrests and issued 5,011 fines for traffic and by-law violations in a bid to tackle an alarming rise in crime over the previous three months.

The deployment came just as crime statistics between April and June showed an increase in a number of categories reported to Cape Town Central Police Station.

Officers work in shifts, providing a 24-hour law enforcement presence in the CBD.

This is in addition to general area law enforcement, traffic and metro police deployments.

“Our intention was to stop the rise of crime in the CBD and bring us closer to achieving a space where everyone can feel safer. I’m glad to see it’s working. Visible policing is a simple concept, but it is critically important not only to prevent crime, but also to reassure residents and visitors. We are confident this will continue to make a real difference for everyone who works, lives and visits the CBD,” said Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis.

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Most of them were for drug possession (75) and riotous behavior (31), while police also made 14 arrests for possession of dangerous offences.

Four were arrested for burglary, liquor trafficking and possession of suspected stolen property respectively, while a total of nine were apprehended for possession of an illegal firearm, possession of car wrecking tools and lanes of do. During the three-month period, another 29 people were apprehended for Schedule B offences.

“It’s been a very positive start, and as the team settles into its rhythm with the other players such as SAPS, the Metropolitan Police Strategic Surveillance Unit and the CCID, for n’ to name a few, we’ll likely see even more results,” said city mayor’s committee member for safety and security, JP Smith.

“Cape Town has worked hard to ensure its CBD bucks the trend in other cities across the country, and this extra layer of application is designed to maintain that space for the thousands of residents across the country. the horizons, but also our visitors, who frequent the space on a daily basis.

“The deployment of the 100 officers in the CBD moves law enforcement towards an effective 24-hour presence in the CBD, and the surrounding areas, from Bo Kaap to Vredehoek and Gardens, all stand to benefit, as law enforcement operations follow the analysis of crime patterns regularly reported to them.

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