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Alex Magaisa

The burial of the late constitutional expert and academic Alex Magaisa, who died of a heart condition on Sunday, will take place in Zimbabwe after his family said yesterday they had already started the process of repatriating his body from the Kingdom -United.

Magaisa (47) died at hospital in Margate, United Kingdom (UK) on Sunday after suffering cardiac arrest while admitted to hospital.

In 2018, Magaisa made a series of social media posts saying he was suffering from a chronic illness.

Magaisa was an adviser to the late MDC founding leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, when the latter served as prime minister in the unity government between 2009 and 2013.

At the time of his death he was a lecturer at Kent Law School (University of Kent) in the UK and was well known for his incisive analysis of constitutional and legal issues in Zimbabwe through his blog. Great Saturday read.

Family spokesman Esteri Magaisa said: “He (Magaisa) will definitely be buried in Zimbabwe after completing the process of repatriating his body. It is a long process that can take two months. We will announce the burial date after completing the repatriation process.

In its messages of condolence yesterday, Kent Law School said: ‘For thousands of people in Zimbabwe, Alex was nothing short of a lionheart, a hero. We at Kent Law School immediately feel his loss and join Alex’s friends and admirers around the world in recognizing his powerful legacy in human rights, democracy, support for the rule of law and of constitutional reform.

Meanwhile, more messages of condolences continued to pour in yesterday with Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) describing him as a giant in the Zimbabwean and international academic community.

ZLHR said, “As a jurist, law professor and analyst, Magaisa was a giant in the Zimbabwean and international academic community and a great influential leader who devoted his time and life to making law and politics easily understandable for the ordinary people of society.

“ZLHR will remember Magaisa for his genius as a legal strategist and for his kindness. His death is not only a loss for his family, friends and students, but for Zimbabwe as a whole.

The Election Resource Center said: ‘He was an academic, political and current affairs commentator, human rights veteran and constitutional law expert. Magaisa was the ERC’s legal adviser, friend and reliable contributor to election-related debates.

“His work advocating for democracy, electoral justice and Zimbabwean governance issues endures and his contributions to Zimbabwean discourse will always be cherished.”

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