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Eric P. DiMarzio is a successful divorce and criminal lawyer based in Taunton, MA. The lawyer has been practicing for over a decade and provides reliable legal representation to all clients.

Taunton, MA – May 17, 2022 – Eric P. DiMarzio’s law firm has shared details about how the team helps clients navigate divorce and criminal law. The team are passionate about helping people and go out of their way to ensure they have a hassle-free process.

Eric P. DiMarzio understands that divorce is an emotionally daunting process. Therefore, the attorney is committed to helping clients through the process and relieving some of that stress. The team takes care of everything related to the divorce because they understand all aspects of the process. They know what documents to file, where to file, the fees involved and how long the process takes. The team also assesses each client’s case and helps them make informed decisions.

The team assesses a client’s situation and advises them of the likely outcome if they take their divorce case to court. Based on their extensive experience with jury and similar cases, they can provide a variety of legally acceptable options for settling a divorce case. They help clients create reasonable settlement proposals that will avoid unnecessary delays. Additionally, with the Divorce Lawyer in Taunton, MA, divorced partners set the right priorities, so they don’t spend huge sums on the process.

Also, the lawyer assists clients in their criminal cases. They noted that it is crucial that clients act quickly after arrest, so that the charges against them do not escalate. Indeed, prosecutors often take this time to gather more evidence against the client. The team gives a quick response when clients still have the best chance to negotiate. They use their expertise to negotiate a fee reduction or have fees waived.

The competent criminal defense attorney in Taunton, MA can also quickly determine whether the arresting officer violated a client’s constitutional rights. This is particularly the case when the authorities did not have an appropriate warrant to search the client’s home or property. In this way, the lawyer can have evidence in a criminal case deemed inadmissible in court. The lawyer also helps clients obtain the necessary evidence to support their claims. Additionally, the attorney helps clients navigate the court process and the statements they need to make to avoid getting in the way of their case.

About Eric P. DiMarzio

Eric P. DiMarzio is a highly trained divorce and criminal lawyer serving clients in Taunton and surrounding areas. The attorney is passionate about helping clients and ensuring they have a hassle-free experience. It follows a comprehensive approach where they assess all aspects of a case and help clients make informed decisions. He also goes the extra mile to provide the emotional support a client needs during the process. In addition, the lawyer handles the files for flat fees and at very reasonable prices. This gives customers peace of mind knowing they won’t face any unexpected costs down the road.

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