Judge describes alleged sexual assault by Richland Co. deputy | Criminal law

RICHLAND CENTER (WKOW) — A judge has ruled the Richland County sheriff’s deputy touched an inmate inappropriately and prohibited the deputy from contacting four people.

Deputy Timothy Buckley, 31, was released from Vernon County Jail after receiving a signing bond during his bail hearing on Thursday.

Judge Lisa McDougal read a bail report as Buckley’s bond was considered.

“The incident summary indicates that between June and July 2022, Prison Officer Timothy Buckley used his hand to touch the private parts under or inside the named victim’s pants,” McDougal said.

McDougal sets Buckley’s bail conditions to have no contact with four individuals identified only by their initials.

“I sent bail condition forms to the jail,” Vernon County Special Prosecutor District Attorney Timothy Gaskell said. “I specifically put in the full names… so they would show them to Mr. Buckley.”

Wisconsin Department of Justice officials were involved in the investigation that resulted in Buckley’s arrest. DOJ spokeswoman Gillian Drummond said the Richland County Sheriff “has opened an investigation … to protect possible additional victims inside the jail.”

Buckley was arrested on August 2. He is still on administrative leave from the sheriff’s department.

The special prosecutor did not say whether the four people legally protected from Buckley’s contact were inmates. The bail report was not available Thursday.

Special Prosecutor Gaskell has until August 29 before Buckley’s next court appearance to file charges against him.