Secret Service documents given to Jan. 6 committee show law enforcement discussed Capitol threats – Reuters


Documents provided to the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, uprising by the US Secret Service show that the agency and its law enforcement partners were aware of social media posts containing violent language and threats aimed at lawmakers ahead of the attack on the US Capitol. . .

The documents, obtained exclusively by News84Media, were given to the committee ahead of Thursday’s hearing and shed new light on discussions between law enforcement before the attack.

The documents also show that the Secret Service considered assessments from partner agencies, including the FBI and the United States Capitol Police, when determining its security posture ahead of certification for the Jan. 6 vote. Despite the online violent rhetoric shared in these documents, neither agency gave a clear warning about the potential for large-scale violence like what unfolded on Capitol Hill that day, despite reports they were sharing.

“There are no immediate threats being tracked at this time,” reads a summary of the FBI’s intelligence assessment regarding Jan. 6 that was shared with the Secret Service.

However, the Secret Service was alerted to social media posts from sites such as Parler, which was then a popular far-right platform.

“Will fight for Trump no matter what,” read one message flagged to the Secret Service.

“When we say taking power away from corruption, we really mean it,” said another.

The documents do not address other concerns raised by the committee last week, including inconsistent testimony from Secret Service witnesses, who told the panel “that they had not received any information about violence that could have potentially threatened one of their proteges on January 6, including the Vice President.”

“The evidence strongly suggests that this testimony is not credible,” Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California said during Thursday’s hearing.

After the hearing, Schiff said in an interview with News84Media that the committee intended to “bring back some Secret Service people, some who may have testified in a way that we don’t find credible now that we we got that documentary evidence, but potentially other witnesses that we didn’t hear from as well.

In a statement to News84Media, Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the service “engaged in robust intelligence sharing” with its law enforcement partners “before and during the 6 January”.

“Information has been received and sent to several federal and local agencies. Included are the redacted examples of these communications that were referenced during Thursday’s committee hearing and show multi-agency communication,” he said.

“While the specific Secret Service mission was executed without compromise, the unprecedented events of that day continue to be assessed to ensure that an attack on our democracy can never happen again,” Guglielmi said. “It is not only paramount to our governmental institutions, but it is a testament to the very existence and purpose of the United States Secret Service.”

Guglielmi also told News84Media that the Secret Service “never received any communication from the committee regarding contradictory employee testimony.”

The House Select Committee declined to comment when asked about the documents.

Thursday’s hearing was the first since July 21. In the nearly three months since that hearing, the committee has obtained more than a million Secret Service files. The panel revealed some of what they learned during Thursday’s hearing.

While there are still questions about Secret Service agents’ deleted text messages surrounding the insurgency, the panel obtained messages and emails showing the agency was receiving warnings prior to January 6, 2021 regarding the prospect of violence, as well as real-time reports of weapons in the crowd ahead of Trump’s speech at the Ellipse.

Schiff told Thursday’s hearing that the Secret Service received online threat alerts against then-Vice President Mike Pence before the Capitol insurrection, including that Pence would be “”a man walking dead if he doesn’t do the right thing. ‘”

On Jan. 6, a Secret Service agent texted at 12:36 p.m., according to the committee: “With so many weapons found so far; you wonder how many are unknown. Could be sporty after dark.

Another officer replied a few minutes later: “Without a doubt. The Ellipse people said they would move to the Capitol after POTUS’ speech.