UK Internal Market Bill passed by MPs as it breaches international law

A CONTROVERSIAL trade bill has been passed by MPs as it breaks international law.

The UK Internal Market Bill was passed in the Commons this evening by 340 votes in favor and 263 against.

Cartoon by Camley: The Commerce Bill clears the first hurdle

The debate has been heated on both sides, with the SNP and many Welsh MPs saying he would wrest power from their governments.

Ed Miliband also humiliated Boris Johnson by daring him to reference the part of the bill that would protect Northern Ireland and end any alleged EU ‘blocking’ of goods from the country to the UK. Britain.

The Prime Minister refused to take up the offer, but defended the bill, saying it was an insurance policy against any potential use of the Northern Ireland Protocol by the EU to block the free movement of goods.

It is now set to be debated further for four days, with Mike Russell, the Scottish Government’s Constitutional Secretary, in the Commons tomorrow.

Liberal Democrat MP Jamie Stone accused the Prime Minister of being “totally inadequate” after the vote.

He said: “A short-term win for Boris, but at what cost.

“This fake victory does not even begin to mask a situation where a deeply divided government is now looking into the abyss of a United Kingdom which is in the greatest danger of being shattered, entirely because an ignorant and totally inadequate is playing with a shoddy bill – a U-turn in its own market – instead of being a true leader in desperate times.

The Tories hit out at Labor MPs who voted against the legislation.

MP Amanda Milling, Co-Chair of the Conservative Party, said: ‘People will be appalled that when given another opportunity to defend the integrity of the UK, Labor has once again chosen to side with side of the European Union.

“Our UK Internal Market Bill protects the Union and ensures we can keep the peace in Northern Ireland, while Labor has simply followed their instincts to side with Brussels again.

“We will always work to ensure the UK continues to prosper, as we deliver on our clear promise to ensure unfettered trade across the UK.”

The British government has welcomed the passage of the bill, saying it must now be enacted before the end of the year.

A spokeswoman said: “We welcome the fact that this vital bill has passed its second reading.

“It will protect the territorial integrity of the UK and peace in Northern Ireland, safeguarding trade and jobs across the UK after the end of the transition period.

“It is essential that we pass this bill before the end of the year.”

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