OUR TAKE: Law enforcement is using social media to help solve cases – LaGrange Daily News

DStopping crime and arresting people who break the law has really come a long way in the age of social media.

A few years ago, if a person was wanted by law, newspapers and TV news would publish that person’s picture everywhere to inform the public. Of course, we still do.

But via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the world has evolved in many ways. Law enforcement agencies, such as the LaGrange Police Department and the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, can also help themselves by posting videos of local incidents to alert the public.

Both use social media effectively in this way.

For example, the LPD has released three videos in the past two days of burglaries that took place around LaGrange.

Sharing these videos makes it much more likely that someone will be arrested in these incidents.

Of course, we’ll also point out that in these cases, the owners and stores had a video they could share. It is important.

If you don’t have a security system or video equipment, we encourage you to consider purchasing one. Video is extremely effective when it comes to finding and prosecuting people who commit a crime.

We commend our local law enforcement for effectively using social media to facilitate their work.